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Decadent Fibers Fronds and Fishies Silver Anniversary


the "Connoisseurs of the Dye Pot"
for their passionate love for  dyeing  and enhancing
natural yarns and fibers for all Fiber Arts.

Silver Anniversary
Fronds and Fishies

Custom Hand Dyed Wool Yarn
Fronds and Fishies

Patchwork Jacket

Mountain Sheep Shawl Pin Natural Woven Cardigan

Dutchess 2015 Favorite!
Golden Apples of the Sun

**Aurora Taffy**

Decadent Fibers Custom Hand Dyed Fingering Yarn

Vermont Treetops

Dutchess of Rhinebeck I
As Seen at the
Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival, 2014
Dutchess of Rhinebeck II Batwing Kimono





Pecan Crunch Vest Mistress Mary
Decadent Fibers Popover Vest Custom Hand Dyed Wool Yarn Decadent Fibers Starry Night Sweater

Popover Vest

Starry Night
Decadent Topper Capelet
Decadent Topper
Woven Cardigan
Decadent Fibers Hyacinth Shoulder Shawl Cozy Comfort Crew Neck Sweater
Hyacinth Shoulder Shawl Cozy Comfort Crew Neck
Decadent Fibers Cream of Celery Sweater Chex Sweater
Cream of Celery Sweater Chex Sweater
Mangia Shawl Mangia Scarf
prayer shawl | decadent fibers
Prayer Shawl Golden Plum Pullover

Washing Your Wool Garments

Wool is certainly a miracle fiber.  Not only is it warm as toast, it has insulating qualities in hot or cold weather, and whether it's wet or dry. Wool will not burn.  It has a wonderful elastic memory, which is why your garments will revert to their original shape after washing.  Wool wears like iron, and can be passed down from generation to generation, as long as you follow a few simple rules:

  • Always use the same temperature water for wash and rinse.  
    We like luke warm.
  • Just SOAK your garment.  NEVER agitate a wool garment,
    unless you want it to felt.

  • Spin garment out in washing machine, carefully lay flat on towel, adjust and smooth and let air dry. (Never let your wool garment agitate while in washer, as that is a recipe for disaster. Enjoy knitting with Decadent Fibers custom hand dyed yarns!
Fabulous Crocheted Hood Need BUTTONS for your sweater or shawl?
Click HERE for instructions on how to needle felt your own!

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